AlfaCyberSite offers both functional and aesthetically pleasing high quality safety oriented items.

To quote ourselves from the Cibie Lighting pages - 'You'll not only see better, you'll look better'.

This attitude applies to all of our products.

Diagonal Seat Belts: Series 1, and some 2 Alfa Spiders came with lap belts. If original, the belts are not only old, they won't remotely protect you in case of an accident.

Buy a pair of diagonal seat belts today.

Lighting: Yes, there are less expensive alternatives than Cibies. Just as you've no doubt made an informed decision as to what the best tires are for your particular car, consider going through the same procedure with your lighting needs.

Chances are, you'll end up with Cibies. Should you own an older Alfa, for instance, and see a 'C' in the middle of the headlamp--that indicates Cibie, Not Carello.

Covered Headlamps: Perhaps you have an Alfa Spider and envy those with the elegant covers. ACS has developed a kit for you.

Side Mirrors: Once again, both an aesthetic and functional decision.

Carefully produced and assembled in limited quantities, Talbot mirrors will most likely outlast your car.

Should you care to order several of these items using PayPal, contact ACS letting us know your requirements. We will invoice you, including a dscount on shipping.

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